3D PolaRotator - what it is and how it works

3D Experience Ltd. have developed an effective polarization modulator which is a fraction of the cost of their nearest competition. The "PolaRotator", is a small glass window made of layers of electronically driven, liquid crystal glass, which switches light at 120 times a second. This eliminates alignment issues when using a dual projector 3D system and offers customers, currently using a single 3D projector with shutter glasses, a cost effective alternative, for larger audiences.


The PolaRotator has a glass window of 3 x 3 inches inches, large enough for the majority of 3D projectors and is used in conjunction with an adaptor box such as the 3D-XL from Optoma.

The 3D-XL drives the PolaRotator via a small driver box connected to the VESA port of the adaptor so no additional power supply is required.

This combination now enables lightweight, inexpensive Polarized glasses to be worn for large screen 3D when linked to games consoles such as the PS3, 3D BluRay Players or Sky 3D.

This technology is ideally suited for Pubs, Clubs, Schools, Lecture theatres, production studios or simply for individuals with home 3D systems wishing to get away from shutter glasses which are known to be expensive and fragile.

3D Experience also has a new Value Range of 3D Silver screens to complement the PolaRotator.

PolaRotator Kit includes….

3 x 3 inch modulating glass within adjustable housing/stand, PolaRotator Driver box & RCA phono to phono cable & one VESA cable.  Driver box is size 60mm x 60mm x 25mm, has a reverse eyes switch, a Power/ Sync ON, LED and two phase/timing, 10 position, control rotary switches.

The PolaRotator Housing & Stand.

The Stand has a label attached. The side with the label faces the screen. Shine projector through non-label side. Move the glass away from the projector to shine the largest area through the window to reduce heat on the glass.

For projection - Use Non-depolarizing screen such as 3D Value Silver screen supplied by 3D Experience Ltd.

To view 3D  - Use Circular Polarizing Glasses such as RealD - used in the Cinema.

To adjust height of Glass Panel gently slacken four front screws then raise or lower and re-tighten. (Do not Dismantle)

You can angle or rotate the housing slightly which may reduce further ghosting.

Driver Rotating switches.

With the white markers to the left the rotary switches are at position zero

To find the best position you can setup both switches to zero and begin with the right one and turn by 1 step at a time counting clockwise.

Good images are obtained with minimal ghosting with some projector combinations with Left rotary switch at 0 and the right rotary switch at position 5.

Position 5 is the neutral position, where the falling and rising edge of the output signal is at the same moment as the input sync signal.

After pos. 7 there is little difference. Choose the best  combination of  positions where the ghosting is minimized.

Reduce the ghosting until ghosting does not change anymore.

The Left setup switch is for the falling edge delay and the right is for the rising edge delay.

Each delay position changes the timing by 0.164mSec.

The pos. 0 starts at -0.8213mSec, it is -9.8% till +0.6547 at pos. 9, it is +7.8%

Other Information.

The PolaRotator Driver works at 120Hz input signal. This means that the high +5v sync signal is 8.333mSec long and the low signal, 0v or gnd is 8.333mSec long.

Output voltage is 23.5v and 0 volt.

When there is a sync signal and +5V power, the red LED lights. As soon as power or sync is disrupted, the red LED does not light and the output gets 0v on both pins of the RCA output connector.

Viewing 3D DVD.

As the start up and menus of 3D DVD’s are not always in 3D,  it is better to put on your 3D glasses when 3D media is being projected and the PolaRotator is receiving a signal.

When viewing 3D material use the Reverse eyes sliding switch on the Driver box to select the correct on screen image to go to the correct eye to make the 3D look real and not inverted. 

Viewing 3D from 3D side by side format.

If the projected image on screen is split down the middle (side by side) use the SBS button on the Optoma 3D-XL box to un-squeeze and display in 3D.

When viewing 3D material use the reverse eyes sliding switch on the Driver box to select the correct on screen image to go to the correct eye to make the 3D look real not inverted. 

Further Information.

Driver Box: Copyright Zsolt Tamasi & Jack Ezra - 2011.

PolaRotator Housing & Stand: Copyright Paul Gibbs - 2011.

For up to date information on the PolaRotator please refer to this web page. http://www.3dexperience.co.uk/RotatorScreens.html

Or contact 3D Experience Ltd. via Email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The 3D Experience Ltd., 6 Harrisons, Birchanger, Bishop’s Stortford,

Hertfordshire. CM23 5QT. UK.  Tel: +44 (0) 1279 817219.

Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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