3D PolaRotator - what it is and how it works

3D Experience Ltd. have developed an effective polarization modulator which is a fraction of the cost of their nearest competition. The "PolaRotator", is a small glass window made of layers of electronically driven, liquid crystal glass, which switches light at 120 times a second. This eliminates alignment issues when using a dual projector 3D system and offers customers, currently using a single 3D projector with shutter glasses, a cost effective alternative, for larger audiences.

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3D Projectors

3d-red-cyan-glassesApart from using red blue type glasses not all projectors will work with superior shutter glasses (similar to the battery powered active glasses used with many modern tv's). Resident expert Paul Gibbs shares some advice on how to find out if your projector will be suitable for 3D movies or gaming.

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Why 3D?

To answer that question, firstly let me explain what 3D is. The correct description of two images to be viewed to create a full-depth perspective is known as 'stereoscopic' or shortened to 'stereo'. However, with the popularity of IMAX 3D cinemas and the current trend for 3D films and television, it is now more generally known as '3D' to which I will now refer.

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