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Over the years we've collected some useful programs which had one thing in common - they were in German! But now you can enjoy them too. Some are still in their native tongue, but they're useful nonetheless. We've also added some programs that are exclusive to this web site which have been supplied by their respective authors.


archive Cbhd502e Popular

English ST-Guide hypertext, resource and other files for CBHD 5.02 - not a complete translated package, but there's enough here for you to get going with Steffen Engel's hard disk driver. You'll need the original archive as well. (

archive Connect 95 RSC and docs Popular

Resource file for Connect'95 (only), and other translations for common text and help files for both this and Connect'97. These respected comms packages are now PD.

default Dirsort Popular

English resource and bubblegem for Philipp Donze' MagiC-friendly directory resorter Dirsort. (

archive Eureka12 Popular

Roger Burrows' replacement software suite for the original supplied with the Eureka RTC. Supports year 2000 and later. Executables, source and docs included. Freeware.

archive Fndr112e Popular

Holger Weets' Long File Name compatible file and text in file finder. Shareware (full English package).

default Ghostscript Popular

Full English documentation and resource file for GS V1.3 - the only PostScript emulator for the Atari that can handle PDF files.

default GTLook Popular

Now in the Public Domain, this Epson scanner driver has been translated into English by Bob King (no docs).

archive How fast Popular

PD utility for testing transfer speeds read/write for mass storage devices (obviously read only for CD-ROMs!) Full English package.

default HP Optimizer 2.9 Popular

Hard drive optimizer/defragger version 2.9 - MagiC VFAT, large partitions and BigDOS compatible. Now checks the cluster-chain for directories. (Combined German and English archive).

default HP Optimizer 2.9x Popular

This is the MiNT only! version of the HPOptimizer. It's otherwise unchanged from V2.9 Combined English/German package.

archive Hsm7doc Popular

The long-awaited complete English documentation for HSModem7.

default Interface Popular

English resource file for Interface V2.30.

default Look n See modules Popular

Updates of the original modules and some new. A couple require an extra feature which is only present in a beta release of Look'n'See (full English package).

archive Look n See modules revisited Popular

More Look'n'See modules including a GDOS output driver. Package includes updated hypertext for these new modules (full English package).

archive MagiC Boot Speedup Program Popular

Roger Burrows' patch for MagiC versions 5.xx and 6.xx. Removes floppy detection during boot. Fully reversible. Executables, source and docs included. Package is (C) Roger Burrows.

archive MagiCSLM Popular

(German docs) A software solution to the problem of printing from a Falcon/PC/Mac or whatever to Atari's SLM804/605 laser printers using an HP Deskjet or Laserjet 300dpi driver on the client computer. You will need an ST (minimum 2Mb memory), the Diablo emulator (available on ftp sites), and a null modem cable to connect the two. Use the highest common baud rate, 8-N-1 with no handshake on the ST, same settings but XOn/XOff on the client computer, or if you can't redirect printer output to the printer port, you may be able to print to a disk file and take that to the ST (full package).

default Magnum Popular

Installation guide and utilities for Aixit's Magnum card, which adds up to 14Mb to your ST, STF, STFM or MegaST.

default ParaFin 1.37 Popular

Full English language version of the multitasking-friendly Parallel File Finder.

default Photo Popular

This patch for Photo Line adds such goodies as a new tools window to which your favourite tools can be added. AV support and cursor key window scrolling (Multitasking system required) Full English package.

archive Real time clock Popular

Add a real-time clock to your ST with this hardware/software combo. Thanks go to Jim DeClercq for getting this fixed version from the author Bill Penner.

archive RSCView 1.02e Popular

Another from Holger Weets' keyboard, this time a resource file viewer and editor. Shareware (full English package).

archive SE Protpcol Docs Popular

Dirk Haun's SE-protocol documentation, in UDO format.

archive SMU setup Popular

The "smart" way to configure StartMeUp with Drag'n'Drop interface. Requires MagiC and StartMeUp (full English package).

default Spin doc Popular

CD-ROM driver with XFS (eXtended FileSystem) driver for MagiC. Download the complete package from Julian Reschke's page (You'll also need MetaDos from the same place).

default SuJi 1.37 Popular

Another fine file and text in file finder. Use as a replacement for MagiC's MGSearch utility, install in jinnee or stand-alone. Freeware (full English package). Latest version.

default WDIALOG 2.0 Popular

Adds extra features to some apps running under earlier versions of MagiC or TOS. Complete English package includes programming docs and replacement MGFormat utility for MagxDesk.

archive Wrap-mouse Popular

Richard Kurz' ultimate Atari mouse, MS-DOS serial mouse and joystick driver.

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