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Review: Lune Case for iPhone 6

lune case reviewNearly two years later than advertised and with a significant specification change is the Lune case worth it's $39 Kickstarter cost? In short, no, and here's why.

So what you’re looking at here is the Lune Case. This was originally launched on crowd-funding site Kickstarter and due to be delivered in June 2014. Mine actually arrived on March 30th 2016, but worryingly during that time the specification changed.  It was supposed to use the electromagnetic energy of the case to light up icons on the back of it. So when you make or receive a phone call or receive various notifications such as texts and whatapp messages the relevant icon would light up, which is useful when you’re in a meeting and your phone is on silent.

However sometime between the campaign finishing and delivery they worked out that they couldn’t actually get the technology functioning, so they slapped a battery and Bluetooth in the back. It does indeed light up briefly when you get a notification, but the killer is that the battery is not rechargeable. This means in two years’ time I’ve got a white case that I paid nearly $40 dollars for.

The case itself is very solid and once attached to the phone is not going to come off without effort, which is good. The design does not encroach on any of the ports in day to day use either. It feels nice in the hand too – not dissimilar to the moleskin feeling of the Apple cases. The problem for me is that it does not fully protect the phone. If it were to fall face down and hit the top or the bottom the case would offer no protection whatsoever.

Furthermore after a couple of months of use the case is already showing discolouration on the corners.

So aside from the aesthetics there’s not a great deal to recommend this case. The rear icon notification has now been replaced by notifications on my Pebble smartwatch, neutralising the one killer feature of this case. The technical goalposts changing after crowdfunding is unfortunately a risk you take with any such item, and it’s a shame that the manufacturers took two years, with some pretty poor communication to their 3600 backers during that time. And finally the battery life of my phone is also taking a hit due to 24/7 bluetooth connectivity. 

Written by Martin Bailey, author of The Useful Book of Gadgets, Gizmos and Apps.

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