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Over the years we've collected some useful programs which had one thing in common - they were in German! But now you can enjoy them too. Some are still in their native tongue, but they're useful nonetheless. We've also added some programs that are exclusive to this web site which have been supplied by their respective authors.

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DDP Translations is Derryck Croker and Peter West.

Their mission is to bring you English resource and (where applicable) bubblegem online help files for some of the most popular German software around - both commercial and PD.

Most archives contain full instructions on how to install these files, however it should be self-evident how to proceed once you've downloaded and unpacked them.

They work with the full agreement of the respective authors, so all these translations can mostly be considered "official". However, DDP Translations cannot be held responsible for the loss of any data, however caused. ALWAYS make a backup before making any alterations! Copyright resides with DDP Translations and with the respective authors, and anyone found using these files in commercial releases of software without the specific permission of DDP Translations or the said authors will be persued.

New translations are always ongoing, and will be announced in the newsgroup, as well as in the NEWS section of this web site. We're always open to suggestions for translations - so please drop one of us a line!